Two private health facilities working with the KMET Medical Credit Fund (MCF) have been crowned as centres of excellence in their counties for attaining high standards of quality health provision.

KMET Deputy CEO hands over the certificate of excellence to Cherengany Nursing Home Director, Mr Jacob KisangSiloam Hospital in Kericho County and Cherengany Nursing Home in Trans Nzoia County are now model centres for other health facilities after attaining Level 3 of SafeCare standards.

SafeCare are defined tools used to address patient safety and are aimed at satisfying patients’ needs through improved hospital infrastructure, human resource, hygiene, and privacy in a stepwise approach.

SafeCare has 5 levels and the highest level that has ever been attained by facilities in the SafeCare program in Kenya is level 3.

The two health facilities embarked on the journey to quality in 2011 which has seen them move from the minimum quality requirements of health provision (SafeCare Level1) to SafeCare level3 with technical support from the KMET MCF team.

Speaking after the release of the assessment report for Siloam Hospital, Kericho county Chief Executive of Health, Hellen Ngeno urged health facility owners to embrace quality control measures such as SafeCare so as to improve client satisfaction.

“I would also urge KMET and their partners in the SafeCare program to consider working with public facilities,” she added.Siloam Hospital staff recieves certificates of excellence from Safecare team after release of assesment results by KMET Quality team

Access to affordable financing

Private facilities that partner with KMET in the SafeCare program also benefit from affordable financing plans in order to enable them invest further in expansion of their health services and quality standards.

Cherengany hospital has been able to buy a CT scan machine, equip a fistula unit with ward beds, equip an operation theatre with beds and construct a new maternity unit with a loan they secured through partnership with KMET.

Similarly Siloam Hospital has been able to expand their services and infrastructure and are currently constructing elaborate surgical & dental units and an outpatient department. Eearlier on in the year they launched a fully equipped renal unit with a capacity of 3.

Quality Director SafeCare (Amsterdam), Nicole Spieker who visited Kenya for the award that SafeCare has partnered with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to introduce quality standards in all facilities enrolled with NHIF in bid to strengthen Public Private Partnerships.

Video: Director Safe Care Kenya, Millicent Olulu Congratulates Siloam Hospital

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