Mission, Vision and Values

Communities with accessible, sustainable Quality Health and Education services and facilities.

KMET exists to promote innovative and sustainable Health and Education Programs among underserved

Integrating Reproductive Health (RH) into core community development activities (Ref. ICPD Cairo Conference, 1994)

KMET'S Core Values are encapsulated in the acronym CHIGAID where:

C-Community Participation

H-Human Rights PromotionI-Innovation

G-Gender Equity



D- Diversity

Community Participation: Community participation is a key tenet of all KMET interventions. KMET believes that sustainability of any development activity can only be achieved if the targeted beneficiaries are actively engaged at all levels of the project.

Human Rights Promotion: KMET values the realization of freedoms and human rights, including; Child Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights regardless of religion, culture and socio-economic status.

Innovation: The success of KMET, in pursuit of its mission will be ensured by designing and implementing programs that introduce new ideas or methods. KMET also encourages innovation diversity amongst its beneficiaries, board members and staff.

Gender Equity: KMET actively promotes fairness and justice kin program design and the distribution of its services, benefits and responsibilities between men and women. Given the historical injustices on women, KMET believes in working with men to stimulate gender equity and ultimately contributing to the achievement of gender equality in economic, political and cultural issues.

Accountability: The trust is accountable to target community members, the government and other stakeholders. It ensures that the culture of accountability is embodied in its internal stakeholders both individually and collectively.

Integrity: KMET upholds a high degree of honesty and integrity in serving the community and other stakeholders.

Diversity: KMET adheres to the principle of strength in diversity in selecting who to work with and in the conduct of its affairs. KMET encourages respect for diversity among its partners, target community members, committees and employees.

KMET Programs

  • Family Health Programs
  • Socio-Economic Programs
  • Youth Empowerment Programs