KMET Sacco Society Ltd. was formally registered under the Co-operative Societies Act Cap 490 of 1966 on 24th January 2010 and started its operations immediately, with a membership of 25 members. Currently KMET Sacco has more than 1800 members,
The SACCO members are composed of KMET Staff, Community Health Providers, Community Health Workers, Orphans and Vulnerable Children caregivers and the general public.


  • To encourage thrift among the members by affording them an opportunity for accumulating their savings
  • To create a pool of funds for credit which be lent to qualified members at fair and reasonable rates of interest.
  • To provide an opportunity for each of its members to improve his or her respective economic and social conditions.
  • To perform the functions and exercise the powers designated for saving and credit cooperatives societies under the law.
  • To introduce new products that will promote the economic base of the members.

The SACCO’s mandate, as provided by the Cooperative Society’s Act chapter 490 of the laws of Kenya, include

  •  Encouraging thrift members among its members.
  • Creating a source of funds for credit.
  • Assisting members to improve their economic and social conditions.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Promoting economic base of the members.
  • Advisory and consultancy services for members.