They say if you have to change anything in your child, you got to change the first three years during his/her upbringing .It is all about promoting holistic nurturing care for optimal brain development hence a brighter future.
KMET in partnership with PATH through the financial support from Conrad N. Foundation is implementing a 2 year project dubbed Changamsha Watoto (Stimulate the Children) aimed to integrate responsive care and stimulation approaches for children  0-3 years in the private health sectors in five sub Counties in Siaya namely; Ugenya, Ugunja ,Gem, Alego Usonga and Rarieda in 11 Health facilities.
The project is designed to improve the quality of caregiver-child interactions in order to ensure responsive stimulation and enhanced parenting skills that support families in promoting the optimal development of young children in Siaya.
The ECD content will be integrated into multiple touch point such as community health volunteers ‘home visit, play boxes sessions at outpatient (waiting room) mass and interpersonal media, community groups /CBOs and health facility consultations.
Ultimately the project anticipate to achieve key outcomes: private healthcare facilities deliver a comprehensive set of quality intertwined ECD services, caregivers and families provide responsive care and stimulation to children aged 0-3 years and nurturing care approaches integrated in adolescent sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) service provision in private health facilities.
Since its inception, the project has so far sensitize the Siaya county health management team about the whole project, trained the CBOs in Siaya County and community health volunteers.


“Acquiring skills is better than getting a promotion and I’m glad for this sensitization workshop training because it will make us serve better.”-Nyanza/Regional Police Commander LEONARD KATANA
KMET has always aimed at promoting quality health and education services to the community and at every sunup and sun down, this objective is accomplished by a passionate and hardworking team, we all know that knowledge is power and educating the police on adolescent and their sexual rights is empowering an important and a very essential group that plays a major role in the community.
 When we hear of the police force, we always think of momentous painfully factual and funny memes and moments of a police with a distinct Kalenjin accent that probably or rather somehow goes like, “Kijanas! Utalala ndani”
We are living in a generation where young people want to explore and have a teste of everything that is around them. This very same age cohort are adolescent who are sexually active and the consequence may end up being punitive to their own future lives.
This particular project partners with a network of organizations working on girl child programs in Kisumu, Siaya and Migori Counties .The program aims at bringing together girls, network members and other stakeholders to share learn and develop programmatic guideline that strengthen the girls programs in the three counties which will impact skills, healthy attitude and behaviour change through sharing experience and best practices..   
 Meeting aimed at sensitizing the police officers who play a critical role in tackling sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) reported cases. Under the law, they have a duty to assist victims to access justice and receive immediate medical attention. Most sexual violence cases are dismissed because the perpetrator silences the victims while some interfere with the evidence and the perpetrator end up being free. Most victims are adolescent girls and boys of reproductive age who end up with unwanted pregnancies and infections.
This boils down to the question, “Have you ever visited a police station for help but changed your mind because of all the stories of arrogance and nedlegence or mere judgement that people tell you they’ve experienced at a police station?” Worry no more and don’t wallow in your pain when you can seek help from them because the ‘crooked police’ that smear the name of the service termed policing is being stripped away and replaced by ‘utumishi kwa wote’ in all sense of the statement or rather the motto governing the police service.
We are looking forward to a gender desk in the three counties where no abuse case to adolescent girl would go unreported due to negligence of a police officer to take up the responsibility of going deep to a particular case. Majority of termed perpetrators are all enlightened on whatever implication the law may have on them.


The general objective of attachment placement for students taking food and beverage as a course is to gather practical knowledge about Hospitality industry usually is goes for a period of three months.
 KMET Vocational Training Centre is a Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) accredited Center where we offer three courses, food and beverage, hairdressing and beauty and tailoring and dressmaking and  our major focus is on vulnerable girls.
We are proud that most of our students are doing pretty well in their various places of attachment in hotel industry  as seen during assessment that is done to measure their learning and other general characters.
Meet Getruda Philipo, one of our students in the food and beverage class and currently undertaking her attachment at Le Savanna Country Lodge Hotel, one of the well-known hotels in Kisumu town. She joined the Vocational school in May 2017 after completing her Secondary studies in 2016 at Bishop Okoth mixed school.
Getruda is one of the beneficiary of the USAID funded DREAMS program thus; her school fee at the vocational Centre is guaranteed. She said working in the hotel industry has always been her career dream and she is happy that it came full filled way earlier than she expected. “It took me a little more time to catch up with the daily business in here; I used to lag myself a lot and most of the times I even felt the work was too much for me. Now that I am well acquainted with each department, I find it very easy. Have worked in the service department, housekeeping and a times front office where I directly relate with the guest.” Says Getruda
”she is discipline, well behaved and has respect for her fellow colleagues. Apart from that, she is always punctual especially when reporting for her duties “, said Dorothy Oselu one of her supervisors. She added that she would recommend her for employment without any fear of disappointment.
My special gratitude to the school management for finding me such a beautiful and engaging hotel for attachment and to the hotel management for accommodating me for this period. I want to inspire other girls who have struggled in life like me not to ever-lose hope in their dreams.