Huduma Poa Sky (Telemedicine)

KMET and World Health Partners (WHP) have introduced a telemedicine enabled project to help improve access to health care amongst rural populations.The project design is based on WHP’s innovative social marketing and social franchising model. It involves empowerment of the providers for sustainability while at the same time improving the health of the population.

Huduma Poa Sky Network comprises of 60 lower level network providers and 6 facilities – 30 and 3 facilities in Kisumu and Siaya County respectively. KMET and WHP plan to expand the geographic reach beyond the initial period to maximize impact on rural community health status.

Facilities in Kisumu County:

  • House of Hope Medical Center.
  • Ahero Medical Center.
  • Shalom Medical Center.

 Facilities in Siaya County:

  • Queenteric Kapiyo Community Hospital.
  • Sagam Community Hospital.
  • Hessed Medical Clinic 

Sky Telemedicine Social Franchise Network
The Sky network will comprise 60 of telemedicine-enabled village level entrepreneurs – mostly selected Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) - linked through referrals with KMET’s Huduma Poa social franchise of privately owned clinics, operated by nurses and clinical officers, in Siaya and Kisumu Counties.Each network franchisee will be equipped with varying levels of information, communication and medical diagnostic technologies to communicate with doctors based at a Central Medical Facility (CMF) at KMET Corkran Clinic- Kisumu with future connection to Nairobi and New Delhi, India, particularly for specialty care.The simple, low cost, but sophisticated technologies enable counsellors, nurses and doctors to extend their services to the community ‘virtually’ through audio-visual communication and basic diagnostic tools.  
The project intends to set up a revolving fund to enable a regular and affordable supply of high quality medicines and products at Huduma Poa and Sky network providers.

The project will identify and connect patients from the rural Sky network with appropriate points of referral for higher level medical care and diagnostic testing. Lab results and medical records will be accessible in the same patient record system.
Telemedicine Technology
The systems and software used include commonly available communications devices, paired with a specially designed remote diagnostic kit and software:

  • Personal Computers or laptops with ReMeDi® Remote Diagnostic Kit.
  • Android tablets with mDoc® Remote Diagnostic Kit.
  • Electronic Medical Records.
  • CommCare software for remote data capture.
  • Mobile phones

With the doctor’s instructions at the Sky health center or the Central Medical Facility (CMF), a rural Sky provider can take patient history and facilitate a physical examination on the patient:

Parameters collected include:

  • blood pressure.
  • electrocardiogram reports.
  • temperature.
  • pulse oximetry readings.
  • Stethoscopy (auscultation of heart and lungs).

 The doctor remains in control through the entire process. The information is sent electronically in real time to doctors at the Central Medical facility, who can then send back advice, prescription or, if necessary, recommend investigations and referrals.   All patient data will be stored securely in a cloud-based central server for real-time updates and easy retrieval.

Project Network

  • Village Sky provider: A patient visits local Community-based Sky provider who are trained to refer patients to network clinics for physical consultations, lab testing and purchase of medicines. Village Sky providers can handle basic health issues and facilitate a remote medical consultation via cell phone or tablet for health advice and timely diagnosis by medical doctors at the CMF.
  • Sky Telemedicine Centres at Huduma Poa Clinics: Available in sub-locations or locations, these centres receive physical referrals from Village Sky providers. Clinics are managed by nurses and/or clinical officers, and can offer diagnostic services, medicines, and internet-based audio-visual consultations with medical doctors at CMF,
  • Central Medical Facility (CMF): Medical doctors and specialists available physically and virtually at the CMF conduct remote consultations with patients from the Sky network. They prescribe lab investigations and medication available at Sky Centers/Clinics. 
  • Referral Hospitals: When higher-level physical care is required, patients are referrals to the nearest referral hospital or diagnostic centers.