Community Health Access Plan

With an aim to improve access to quality healthcare services in underserved areas, KMET is partnering with Pharm Access Foundation, Africa Medilink Limited, and AAR Holdings Limited in rolling out an affordable provider driven health plan in Siaya and Kisumu counties.

The partnership has seen the Launch of Bima Poa a community health plan that has been on pilot since August 2013 targeting a population of 402,244 in Kisumu East and Siaya districts.


  • Reduce the high out- of -pocket expenditure for health care service
  • Reduce high prevalence rate of common diseases in Kisumu East and Siaya Districts
  • Provide peace of mind to families as appertains to healthcare

Bima Poa

Bima Poa covers a maximum of 6 household members including the household head and children below 18 years of age at an annual premium of 8,000 KES.Bima Poa offers high quality out-patient care and maternity care at selected private healthcare providers within Kisumu and Siaya counties.

Members of Bima Poa health plan enjoy outpatient cover of up to 100,000 KES and maternity cover of 50,000 KES yearly.

Outpatient Benefits

  • Consultation
  • Laboratory tests
  • Drugs
  • Tooth extraction
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Pregnancy
  • Antenatal care
  • Normal delivery and / Caesarean section
  • Care for new born for the first thirty days
  • Ambulance transport for transfer of emergency maternity cases in between referral hospitals

Premium and payment mode

The annual premium payable is Ksh 8,000. The premium can be paid in full or in TWO easy instalments of Ksh. 4,000 each. The two instalments should be paid in two consecutive months, i.e. if the first instalment of Ksh 4,000 is paid today, the second instalment (also Ksh 4,000) must be paid before the end of the next month.

Premiums are payable through M-PESA PayBill number: 333201but before making any payment please contact Bima Poa on the TOLL FREE line 0800-724-500 for assistance.

Requirements for registration into Bima Poa HealthPlan

  • Copies of National ID for principal member
  • Full names and / or identification documents for eligible dependants
  • Principal member and spouse must be 18 - 70 years old at entry.
  • Dependants must be below 18 years old

One can choose one preferred healthcare provider from the following list of health facilities:

In Kisumu County:

  • KMET Corkran Clinic
  • Godswill Medical Centre
  • Milimani Maternity Hospital
  • Nightingale Medical Centre

In Siaya County

  • Bama Maternity and Nursing Hospital
  • Dophil Maternity and Nursing Hospital